Swinerton Cares About CSU

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   October 29, 2014
Swinerton Cares About CSU

Swinerton’s building extends beyond the jobsite; it transcends to those who need it most.

Colorado State University is not just about graduating students with a degree in construction management. We are about making a difference in the lives of everyone around us,” explains Mostafa Khattab, Head of the Department of Construction Management at CSU.

CM Cares, created four years ago by CSU, is one of the initiatives designed to instill students with leadership abilities beyond the technical and managerial skills needed to be successful in the construction industry by pairing them with community members who have unmet needs for construction-related projects.

Swinerton Builders has been a vital partner of CM Cares for the last two years, and has provided resources, mentorship, and volunteers on two projects: The Grashorn Project and the Brinks Family Project. Creating a sustainable funding source for CM Cares surfaced as a philanthropic priority for Swinerton Builders, who announced that they would contribute the lead gift to start an endowment for the program, which will provide resources for CM Cares in perpetuity.

Swinerton Builders has also committed to helping CSU raise the rest of the funds needed to fulfill the overall goal of the endowment of $1 million to provide approximately $45,000 annually for students to use on their projects and to sustain the overall operations of the CM Cares program.

Endowing CM Cares will provide a dependable budget that will improve CSU’s ability to provide students with opportunities to use the skills learned in the classroom by putting them into practice on real-world projects, making a difference in the lives of others throughout the communities, which is a mission Swinerton Builders shares.

Since the start of CM Cares, 70 students have taken the leadership course, over 90 construction firms and donors have supported the program, and more than 300 volunteers have assisted with CM Cares to complete 13 construction service projects. The program is celebrating recognition on local and national news, along with receiving multiple community service awards.