Swinerton Shares Safety Practices for Winter Conditions

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   January 09, 2015   |   Image Gallery »
Swinerton Shares Safety Practices for Winter Conditions

With winter weather upon us in Denver, snowy, icy conditions and extreme temperatures present additional challenges to the safety of our team members on construction sites. Swinerton’s project leadership and safety managers routinely discuss winter preparedness with our construction teams and apply best practices when weather conditions change for the worse. Swinerton recommends taking the following steps to ensure the safety and health of employees and subcontractors alike. “Your Family Needs You” is more than a motto – it’s a way of life.

Here are eight practices to ensure workers remain safe:

1. Discuss icy and slippery walking and working conditions during daily safety briefings

2. Place salt or ice melt at building entrances and in high-traffic locations to reduce snow and ice accumulation

3. Dress appropriately to keep body temperatures within healthy limits

4. Increase stretch-and-flex exercises before every shift to ensure warm and limber muscles

5. Remind team members that loose, baggy clothing, and other winter gear may get caught on or sucked into a machine or process

6. Limit the use of hoodies as they reduce peripheral vision which could lead to an incident

7. Take time driving to and from work—leave a bit earlier to allow time for slow traffic and winter driving conditions

8. Mind the use of indoor space heaters onsite and in trailers—store flammables appropriately and designate suitable smoking locations

Implementing these safety practices fosters a safer working environment for all. Swinerton’s safety efforts are led by a core team of dedicated professionals who have devoted their careers to training colleagues and subcontractors in safe working conditions.

Through the enforcement of safety-first policies and procedures, Swinerton has remained incident free for the past four years, and continues to be one of the few Colorado general contractors to achieve Blue level status in the CHASE program; a program organized by a collaboration of the Associated General Contractors and OSHA, and acts as a safety pre-qualification program where our safety record, onsite superintendents, project managers, continued training, subcontractor safety management, and comprehensive / collaborative approach to site safety programs are reviewed and evaluated together by the AGC and OSHA.

Swinerton’s achievement of Blue level status ensures that we have well-vetted and continuous safety programs and training, promoting the importance of safety and health to all employees on all project sites—reducing project liability.