Taking Speed to Market One Step Further

Contributor: Guest Blogger   |   February 09, 2016
Taking Speed to Market One Step Further

In part one of this two-part series, guest blogger Aaron Townsend, chief estimator for Swinerton Builders Colorado, shares his insight below on what it takes to deliver in today’s fast-paced construction economy.

“Be quick, but don’t hurry” are profound words by legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden. Wooden has been identified as the “Coach of the (20th) Century” by ESPN for his ability to form high- performing teams across wide ranges of the social-economic spectrum and love them into national championships. Between 1964 and 1975, Wooden’s UCLA Bruins won 10 national championships by embracing and excelling at a crucial business practice—speed to market.

Wooden didn’t know that he was preaching speed to market, but many a business author has made that connection. Wooden taught discipline, predictability, accountability, agility, and class. He brought in the best talent he could find, gave them a clear vision, and treated them—all of them—with kindness and respect. Many of his players often referred to the love that Wooden felt for his players was their greatest motivation to perform.

So what does coaching basketball have to do with the construction industry? Speed to market in construction is about pro formas, design decisions, budget management, fast-track procurement, and permit expediting. And it doesn’t matter the project type—multifamily apartments, office developments, schools, and healthcare facilities—all seem to have the goal of “right away.” How does one deliver at speed-to-market pace? Much like coaching, it takes quantifiable and manageable tasks focused on talent, vision, discipline, agility, accountability, kindness, and respect.

Check back soon as Aaron shares his thoughts on prerequisites and differentiators for success in today’s speed to market state.