Taking Speed to Market One Step Further…How to Achieve Speed to Market Success

Contributor: Guest Blogger   |   February 16, 2016
Taking Speed to Market One Step Further…How to Achieve Speed to Market Success

Speed to market is critical for many of Swinerton’s projects. In part two of this two-part series, guest blogger Aaron Townsend, chief estimator for Swinerton Builders Colorado, further defines what it takes to have success when time matters for a project. Click here in case you missed the first installment.

As I mentioned in my previous post, practically every project being planned for, in design or coming out of the ground has some degree of speed to market. And to achieve speed to market success, it takes talent, vision, discipline, agility, accountability, kindness, and respect.

For argument’s sake, let’s separate these seven traits into two categories: prerequisites for success and differentiators for success. Prerequisites are just that, and without them there is failure. In the words of legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” In the built industry, lacking the prerequisites of talent, vision, and a respectful environment is preparing to fail.  When assembling project teams, we look for the most talented partners, with the most candid and clear vision who respect the rest of their teammates. 

If talent, vision, and respect are prerequisites, then the degree to which the remaining traits of discipline, agility, accountability, and kindness exist in a team are directly proportional to the ease and grace by which the objective is achieved. Discipline and accountability are traits of team members who meet deadlines without excuses. Agility is the ability to adapt and overcome the guaranteed yet unexpected bumps in the road. Kindness is doing this all with a smile on your face.

While the construction market is hot today, we can look to the oil and gas industry in Colorado as an example of a soaring to plunging market. The Dow can’t decide what it wants to be when it grows up and interest rates are finally on the rise. Speed to market is drawn on more now than ever across all industries, and my favorite Wooden quote seems to sum up this current market state: “There is never enough time to be sure, and if you are sure, then you’re probably late.” 

My advice—follow the traits. Assemble the best team. Give them a clear vision and empower them to act boldly in a respectful manner. Be disciplined and hold yourself accountable as a leader by example.  When the things happen and you have to change course, smile, be agile, and be thankful for the team you have around you.