Portland Braves the Weather for Deserving Homeowner

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   December 25, 2015
Portland Braves the Weather for Deserving Homeowner

On a brisk Saturday morning in October, Swinerton Builders Portland team members rallied together with the goal of giving back to
the community. Working with Rebuilding Together, they provided home improvements and enhanced the living conditions of a very deserving homeowner. With an age of more than 100 years, the Sears Catalog-looking home was heavily overgrown with thick vegetation, the exterior paint had not been redone in decades, and various items collected over the years reached the basement ceiling. The team was tasked to remove the shrubbery, repaint the exterior, and clear a pathway in the basement to allow the City of Portland to make repairs.

On prep day the team removed the majority of the vegetation and pressure washed the exterior of the home. On the big day, they put the vegetation in a drop box, scraped the exterior of the house to remove flaking paint, and cleared a path in the basement. Several other improvements were made including a custom doorframe and a new front door to provide the homeowner with necessary security the house was previously lacking. The power company was called in to fix a power line that was pulling off the home’s wood siding; they also assisted with painting the roof eave from their bucket lift.

While some of the crew was working on vegetation removal and landscaping, a sidewalk from the front of the house to the basement was uncovered—delight for both the homeowner and basement cleaning crew. Inches of dirt was removed to make the sidewalk usable, flower beds were reworked, shallow spots were filled in, excessive mounds of dirt were removed, and an enormous helping of new bark dust was poured by the crew.

The basement crew unearthed many treasures during their cleaning—some of which the neighbors went diving for in the drop box. While the goal was to only clear a pathway, the team and the homeowner agreed it would be best to clean the entire basement, which they did, down to the last speck of dust. The homeowner is now rid of decades of collections and the city can improve the plumbing in her house. The painting crew successfully removed flaking paint, and with the help of one of our painting subcontractors, added a fresh coat
of primer.

Thank you to everyone who assisted in this wonderful event and helped with its success! Mike Jordan, Branch Foote, Andrew Georgesen, Ryan Wasell, Melissa Burns, Chris Evans, Danielle Ridgeway, Jason Chupp, William Silva, Nathan Rebman, Brian Hughes, Lee Cyrus, Lena Hebding, Amy Roth, Tim Robinson, and Ted Robinson. A very special thank you to Don Herbst Painting!