A Bright I.D.E.A for Downtown San Diego

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   August 10, 2016
A Bright I.D.E.A for Downtown San Diego

Progress is underway at Swinerton's I.D.E.A. District project in Downtown San Diego’s East Village! An acronym for Innovation, Design, Education, and Art, the developers of the I.D.E.A. District sought to create a vibrant new community in the midst of an urban setting.

The mixed-use project consists of three new buildings, each six stories tall. The apartment buildings include 295 units, while the other two buildings contain a mix of retail and office space. Each building has its own characteristics, including different color palettes and themes: City Modern, Warehouse, Portal, and Penthouse/Loft/Mezzanine. The team expects to turn over the project in August 2017.

Whereas most apartment towers typically use cast-in-place concrete with metal stud framing, this project utilizes Type III and Type V construction. There are two levels of parking and two levels of podium deck with wood framing on top of that.

In spring, the team celebrated a big milestone with the finish of the slab-on-grade for the parking level; the team hit their second milestone May later when they topped-out with structural concrete and began the rough framing. Excited by their progress so far, the team looks forward to moving ahead and delivering the project to a satisfied client.

Many thanks to the entire project team: Mark Payne, Stephen Flint, B. Hajjar, Roger Kazemier, Randy Vandewater, Michael Salah, Chris Jadwin, Ray Lehman, Greg McFaul, Josh Marjanovich, Jeff Crook, Alex Smith, David Wilson, Dana Valade, and Jeff Timm.