Adopt-A-School in Full Swing

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   April 15, 2016   |   Image Gallery »
Adopt-A-School in Full Swing

Swinerton Builder’s 51st & Broadway team’s dedication to community outreach continues as the Adopt-A-School program is in full swing at Oakland High School.

The program gives students the opportunity to learn about careers within construction that they might not have been aware of. One student commented, “In Mexico, women don’t work in construction jobs, so I would never have this opportunity. I am a very good student and learn quickly. This will help me get experience learning a trade that is well paid and may lead to a career.” Others have personal goals they’re working towards; one student expressed: “I want to join the construction club because I want to be a mechanical engineer, and I think this program will help me achieve my goals.”

In a most recent meeting, Swinerton’s Safety Manager Greg Tate gave a presentation on safety in construction and informed the club on how expensive a minor injury actually is between direct and indirect costs, and the importance of Personal Protective Equipment, a low EMR, and communication. In the coming months, the club will focus on blueprint reading, estimating, and the RFQ process. In early March, the 51st & Broadway team hosted club participants on their first field trip to the jobsite—an exciting event for everyone involved in the Gold Cats Construction Club!

Special thanks to all team members for your tremendous efforts: Project Executive Lori Dunn, Project Manager Stuart Price, Senior Superintendent Rob Axton, Assistant Superintendent Shaun Graves, Senior Project Engineer Matt Berriatua, Project Engineer-Intern Meredith Racy, Project Administrator Genevieve Harder, and CSR Coordinator Rachael Awbry.