Building LA To New Heights

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   June 18, 2014
Building LA To New Heights

By the year 2030, 5 billion people—60% of the world’s population—will live in cities. In the era of “New Urbanism,” modern city planning focuses on diverse, mixed-use development at the center of the action. City dwellers seek accessible neighborhoods with a range of amenities, businesses, green spaces, and services nearby.

Swinerton is helping create this new urban lifestyle in Los Angeles with the 10000 Santa Monica Boulevard project, an ultramodern, 40-story residential high rise that broke ground on June 5. Totaling 470,000 square feet and covered in a striking glass skin, the 283-unit structure will create an architecturally bold presence that will form the new gateway to Century City. The two-story base at the pedestrian level is designed to blend in well with the neighboring buildings.

Swinerton’s project teams have expertise in managing the unique challenges of urban projects like 10000 Santa Monica: a constrained jobsite, occupied adjacent buildings, traffic diversion, special safety concerns, and limited delivery and laydown areas. The reward is having a hand in shaping the future of America’s cities.

Keep an eye on the skyline as this new urban destination takes shape and learn more about the project and recent groundbreaking: