Celebrating Earth Day with a Passion for Green Building

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   April 22, 2014
Celebrating Earth Day with a Passion for Green Building

As general contractors, we have the responsibility to protect the earth’s natural resources. We also know that building green is not just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do. Our proud legacy of sustainable building dates back to the 1970s, when we built one of the nation’s first green roofs at the Weyerhaeuser international headquarters.

Today, we continue to build structures and facilities that will operate cleanly and efficiently for many years to come. Our sustainability experts work with building owners to identify green opportunities at every step of a project, from concept development to building operations. We are excited to help our clients complete strategic green retrofits on older buildings to boost energy and water efficiency and enhance the health and comfort of occupants.

Swinerton’s own San Diego office, opened in 2012, showcases the leading edge in green retrofit capabilities. Designed and built for LEED® Platinum certification, the office repurposed an existing warehouse into a modern, net-zero energy building featuring recycled materials, low-VOC paints, a rooftop solar array, and an electric car charging station.

Green is integrated into everything we do. More than one-third of the company’s employees are LEED Accredited Professionals, helping ensure that lean and sustainable practices are used on every project. A company-wide material salvage and recycling program aims to limit construction waste and properly handle recyclable materials on every jobsite.

As you celebrate Earth Day, check out our Passion for Green Building board on Pinterest!

-By Madigan Talmage-Bowers