Concrete Services Wins Big in Las Vegas

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   April 25, 2016   |   Image Gallery »
Concrete Services Wins Big in Las Vegas

Since 1991, The Face Companies has been recognizing the flattest, most level concrete floors with its Golden Trowel Awards. As one of the most prestigious awards in the concrete industry, each year companies from all over the world submit projects in the hopes of obtaining this coveted award. The Golden Trowel uses floor levelness and flatness measurements to determine winners in the competition, which are based on the F-Number system first introduced to the concrete industry by The Face Companies in 1982, and adopted by the American Concrete Institute in 1990.

This February, Concrete Services was awarded the Golden Trowel Award for the building slabs on The Oaks Business Park project. Located in Livermore, California, the project is a three-building distribution center totaling 1.3 million square feet; the slabs were placed in 43,000-square-foot sections. The specifications for the slab-on-grade called for floor flatness of 50 and floor level of 30. The crews achieved an overall average 100.7FF and 74.1FL—more than doubling the requirements—while dealing with new equipment, changing weather conditions, and challenging delivery rates.

At the same event, Swinerton Builders Hawaii Mason Foreman Akeo Cuban gave over 200 participants a run for their money when he won first place in the Semi-final heat in the Riding Trowel Competition!

Watch Akeo in action on Swinerton’s YouTube page:  

Congratulations to the entire team for all of their efforts in developing a solid plan and executing at the highest level. The placing crew: DJ Barnes, Mitchell Ortiz, Julian Perez-Villa, Perfecto Ortiz, Carlos Gutierrez, and Daniel Barraza. The finishing crew: Jose Rodriguez Arias, Mark Williams, German Gonzalez, Daniel Rodriguez, Pablo Rodriguez, Jesus F. Rodriguez, Donald Boyce, Lorenzo Abbruzzese, Michelle Ahola, Brian Yorton, Andy Smith, and Pat Naves. Special thanks to Dave Patterson for keeping all equipment in tip-top shape.