El Cajon BMW Dealership Holds Grand Opening

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   October 22, 2014
El Cajon BMW Dealership Holds Grand Opening

Sunroad Enterprises selected Swinerton Builders San Diego in spring 2013 to build a new 40,000-square-foot BMW dealership in El Cajon. Work began in July of last year and was successfully completed this May. The dealership opened on May 19, and proceeded to set a franchise sales record that week for most cars sold. On June 11, Sunroad BMW celebrated their grand opening ceremony. Swinerton joined the nearly 300 people on hand, including the mayors of San Diego and El Cajon, dignitaries from Mexico, Sunroad executives, subcontractor presidents, and media outlets.

The dealership is set on a nearly 4-acre site on El Cajon Boulevard. A hand-carved retaining wall is one of the most striking features of the project, which is reminiscent of those seen at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The main BMW technician service area has a unique tile floor under the 25 service bays that was brought in directly from BMW’s vendor in Germany, which involved a complex installation process the team had never done before. Called “clinker” tile, it was wet set in a 2-inch topping slab and then vibrated into place to become a solid slab.

The team also successfully oversaw the installation of a unique Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS) called Parex, which has no control joints and looks like smooth marble when finished. They went through significant design detailing on the corners and windows where EIFS meets CMU, storefront, windows, and doors. They also produced several in place mock-ups to ensure the building was completely waterproof.

The two-story showroom features an expansive glass curtain wall that displays the dealership’s latest models. The service bays have high-speed doors that roll up and down incredibly fast to keep the service bay air conditioned as technicians drive cars in and out.

At Swinerton’s suggestion, the client added a $1.6 million solar scope to the project. Over 1,000 solar panels were installed over the carports and atop the roof, which will provide over 50% of the dealership’s power. After 10 years’ time, the solar project will have paid for itself.

The San Diego division has done significant work for Sunroad in the past, and this project continues a long tradition of partnering on a diverse set of projects. Our latest venture recently started at Sunroad’s Harbor Island Restaurant and Banquet, and the team is using lessons learned from Sunroad BMW to complete another successful project.