Female Construction Executives Launch New Professional Organization

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   May 07, 2013
Female Construction Executives Launch New Professional Organization

In January 2013, women from top general contractors across Southern California joined forces to form a group geared towards mentoring women working in operations roles within construction. Women in Construction Operations (WiOPS) kicked off a multi-industry, multi-company effort to support women in their field of expertise.  The primary goal of this non-profit group is to facilitate mentorship and a community of support for up-and-coming women in AEC professions.   The organization has established a board and outlined its mission to advance women in construction operations positions and support future leaders in the industry through mentorships, education, and networking.

Swinerton Builders is proud to be one of the primary sponsors of WiOPS, with Project Executive Lia Tatevosian serving as treasurer on the executive committee and Assistant Project Manager Jessica Drake serving as an active board member. Additional board members include executives from McCarthy, Jezowski & Markel, Hensel Phelps, Murray Company, and Clark Construction. Many other professional women from entities such as USC Capital Construction, Hunt Ortman, Turner, Morley, Matt Construction, ACCO, and others have since joined this fast-growing and ambitious group.

The group will be attending the ENR Groundbreaking Women in Construction conference in New York City next week. Since its launch, WiOPS has already opened doors for many future networking and mentoring opportunities for its members.
WiOPS membership is open to women and men in construction, construction management, architecture, and engineering industries who serve in operations, managerial, estimating, engineering, and design career paths. For more information about membership or events, please visit www.womeninoperations.com.

-By Lia Tatevosian & Jessica Drake