Intentional Design at Heroku Headquarters

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   January 06, 2014
Intentional Design at Heroku Headquarters

Outgrowing its former headquarters on 11th and Harrison, Heroku (a subsidiary of specializing in open software platforms) found a new home at 7th and Townsend. Deeper into the SOMA district of San Francisco, the office is walking distance from CalTrain with Zynga, Adobe, and Advent as close neighbors.

Overall, this $12.5 million corporate tenant improvement employed 150 crew members at the peak of construction. Two months of preconstruction planning and demolition was followed by 10 months of construction. About 105 Heroku employees moved into the new headquarters in fall 2013, with room to accommodate up to 350 people.

Taking a cue from the bones of the building, Heroku wanted to incorporate as much of the brick and wood structural features into the purposeful design as possible. After demolition, Swinerton Project Manager Steffan Ravizza used 3D laser scanning to capture the nuances and characteristics. From the laser scan, 3D models were presented to the team to create, plan, and lay out each of the various components as well as resolve any conflicts.

“My only fear is that I will never get to build anything like this again,” says Ravizza. “I’m incredibly proud of my contribution and my teams. We were given a huge challenge and it raised our levels of craftsmanship. It made us think, be creative, and be successful. That’s what makes it great to work at Swinerton.”

Visit our Flickr album for a virtual tour of Heroku’s ultra-modern, artful headquarters.

-By Elaine Noble