It Takes a Team to Hit a Target

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   December 30, 2013
It Takes a Team to Hit a Target

Swinerton proudly partnered with Target Corporation to build its first two stores in San Francisco: a City Target at the Metreon complex downtown and another at the old Sears store at the corner of Geary and Masonic in the Western Addition neighborhood. The second store, called City Target West, required substantial overhaul work throughout the four floors of the 200,000-square-foot retail building.

Technology played a significant role in this massive undertaking. Laser scanning proved its value in three key areas: structural beam locations, the loading dock, and the flooring. Because the building was constructed in 1950, the original plans did not reflect actual conditions. The laser scans revealed that the loading dock was actually four feet shorter in reality and that a number of structural beams and columns were not shown on the construction documents. As these differences were caught early on in the project, critical system designs were adjusted before any MEP/FP infrastructure was fabricated, saving a month of redesign and refabrication.

Because Target requires a flat flooring finish for a highly polished surface, the laser scan was very beneficial to the concrete flooring subcontractor. The 65-year-old building had seen years of settling and use as a former Sears. Armed with precise measurements of the dips and rises in the concrete, Hoem & Associates presented Swinerton with a solid project approach complete with color-coded sections showing which areas needed heavier grinding and which areas needed a lighter touch throughout 133,000 square feet of flooring. Using a diamond grinder, the flooring subcontractor polished each section, the applied six coats of wax.

Our own Swinerton Carpentry Services (SCS) also worked on the flooring—so to speak. Charged with specific millwork, SCS used red marmoleum as wall panels for the retailer. With a crew of 12, sheets of the flooring material were cut into four-by-eight-foot panels, glued, and applied to the walls over the course of three months. As they have this process well-honed, SCS is doing the same thing for the upcoming San Mateo Target.

Now complete, this City Target West is expected to post sales in the top 20 in the retail chain. Thanks to laser scanning technology, resourceful subcontractors, and a tireless team, the project most certainly hit the target!

-By Elaine Noble