Jesuit High School Students Enjoying New Chapel

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   January 14, 2015
Jesuit High School Students Enjoying New Chapel

Jesuit High School first opened their original chapel in 1963. After quickly outgrowing the building, the space was repurposed and the school operated without a formal chapel.

Swinerton broke ground on the project site in summer 2013 and completed the chapel in September 2014, on schedule and on budget. The chapel, used daily by Jesuit’s 1,100 students for mass and liturgical instruction, opened with a dedication mass and formal “Anointing of the Altar,” by Jesuit High School and the Bishop of the Diocese of Sacramento—officially transforming the chapel into a symbol of Christ. The ceremony also included a “Handing Over of the Building,” with symbolic items presented to the Bishop by the construction team. Operations Manager Bryan Holt, Project Manager Mike Hillman, and Foreman Nathan Pollock shared keys to the building, a set of construction plans, and a chrome-plated shovel symbolizing the management, engineering, and labor efforts that went into the chapel’s construction.

From the many accomplishments on this project, Swinerton’s safety record of over 70,000 hours worked with zero lost-time and the high level of quality of self-perform work stand out. Nearly 25% of the chapel building scope was self-performed, including doors, frames, and hardware; the exterior cement panel “rain screen” cladding system; design-build reflecting pool; CIP concrete; rough carpentry; a 25-foot-tall translucent architectural window wall; and the installation of architectural woodwork, liturgical furnishings, skylights, acoustic panels, signage, and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) monitoring.  

The completed chapel is featured in the November 2014 issue of Architect, the Magazine of the American Institute of Architects, which can be found here. Stay tuned to Swinerton’s YouTube channel for a video on the project and the team!

Congratulations on a job well done! The project team: Roberto Marquez, Mike Hillman, Ken Moitoza, Nick Staykow, Stacy Jones, Susan King, Paul Lehmann, Zach Hilton, Vincent Marquez, Kevin Kaanehe, Rich Howell, Tim Spence, Jay Panos, Shari Trejo, Mika Reckers, Jim Conn, Bryan Holt, and Melanie Price. Craft/Self-Perform: Marc Messner, Nathan Pollock, Nick Reich, Zach Felkins, Jorge Gallardo, Abel Gallardo, Jose Barajas-Alcauter, Leonel Soto-Larios, Michael Desouza, Jerimy T. Habeger, Gary Mehling, Clemente “Chino” Jimenez, Stephen King, Ed McDowell, Othon Reyes, Dennis H. Guevin, and Ben Hamel. Concrete Services: Benny Estrada, Brian Foster, and Jeremy Melton.