P-234 Hangar Reaches Concrete Placement Milestone at Whidbey Island

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   August 01, 2016
P-234 Hangar Reaches Concrete Placement Milestone at Whidbey Island

Eaerlier this year, Swinerton Builders Government reached a milestone at the P-234 Maintenance Hangar at Naval Air Station project on Whidbey Island, Washington! This concrete placement milestone included the 18-inch structural slab for the administrative portion of the building and over 1,300 cubic yards of concrete. Coordination for the placement required the support of three separate batch plants, two pump trucks, and 130 concrete trucks, as well as careful coordination with base security for access control. Specific routes had to be mapped out through the base in order to mitigate the impact on traffic and to ensure timely arrivals of the concrete trucks.

The 65,000-square-foot hangar and two-story administrative building are located along an active flight line and will be the future home of the CR-61 Squadron. The hangar features a foundation system consisting of 350 steel pipe piles that support an 18-inch and 24-inch structural slab, which will serve as the base for 600 tons of structural steel. The building envelope consists of architectural CMU, metal panels, and a standing seam metal roof with a track mounted hangar door. Trench drains in the hangar bay will house the Aqueous Firefighting Foam system which is integral to the cast-in-place trench drain assembly.

The P-234 Hangar is Swinerton’s first Naval Facility (NAVFAC) project in recent years. To date, efforts have been successful, with the project team receiving a “Very Good” performance rating during the first quarterly project review. “Swinerton is an incredibly thorough, effective, and skilled construction team. Their attention to detail, focus of tech savvy lean processes, and dedication to safety is unprecedented. It has been a pleasure working with them and I hope to work with them again in the future,” said the NAVFAC Construction Manager.

Congratulations to the team: Operations Manager Dan Seier, Senior Project Manager Josh Leen, Project Manager Marshall Frey, Superintendent Eugene Cronin, Quality Control Manager Jeff Hudick, Project Engineers Mark Meyer and  Rob Lee, Project Administrator Jenny Verduzco, and Senior Project Accountant Katie Henderson.