Swinerton CEO Jeff Hoopes Talks Tech, Teamwork

Contributor: Swinerton Master Builder   |   April 03, 2014
Swinerton CEO Jeff Hoopes Talks Tech, Teamwork

Swinerton CEO Jeff Hoopes recently spoke to The Registry about the Bay Area’s building boom, creating tech offices, and the future of BIM and other construction technology.

"I enjoy the people I work with," says Jeff. "Everything else is secondary in employee satisfaction. It’s all about the people you work with...Why does Swinerton attract the type of people that we do? I think it’s because of the culture and differentiator that exists and is fostered here at Swinerton. That culture exudes from our value of employee ownership, in which we succeed together. No one person’s ego will become greater than that of the whole of Swinerton; our future is tied together both financially and emotionally."

Read the full interview for Jeff’s thoughts on what sets Swinerton apart and what’s in store for the building industry in 2014.

Photos courtesy of The Registry.