Swinerton Landing at LAX

Contributor: Swinerton Project Team   |   March 28, 2014
Swinerton Landing at LAX

In early 2013, Swinerton Builders began work on the Delta Landside Ticketing Building Redevelopment Program, a $124 million renovation of Terminal 5 at LAX. The project includes a complete renovation of the interior finishes but adds the complexity of a seismic retrofit as well as the overhaul of the vertical transportation and overall passenger circulation system.

The project has strict schedule milestones, which required that both the Baggage Claim Hall and East Ticket Lobby be turned over no later than October 31, 2013. Failure to deliver these two project phases was not an option, as Delta Air Lines’ cash flow and the remaining project phases were dependent not only on occupying the areas but also selling the assets back to Los Angeles World Airports for reimbursement. The team worked tirelessly through a constant stream of unforeseen changes and owner-added scope, which required multiple stints of 24/7 operations. Ultimately, the team was successful, turning over the Baggage Claim Hall and East Ticket Lobby two days ahead of schedule.

There was little time to celebrate the success, as this multiyear program is filled with ongoing challenges for 2014. The team is currently working to turn over the first half of the vertical transportation package that includes the installation of four new escalators and two new elevators, along with a completely new passenger circulation level. With ongoing unforeseen conditions, the team continues to work with the design team and subcontractors toward a mid-April 2014 delivery.

The team’s success has not gone unnoticed by Delta Air Lines. With our strong cooperation and ability to work together and produce results, we have been successful at securing additional work within the terminal. Recent wins worth approximately $35 million include the ongoing Terminal 5 Switchgear Upgrade, various tenant improvement renovation projects, and new work within the secured side of the terminal including the replacement of 19 restrooms, new egress stairs, and a new five-stop service elevator.

-By Daniel Camin & Elizabeth Greynald