Swinerton Rounds Home Plate on New Ballpark

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   May 27, 2016
Swinerton Rounds Home Plate on New Ballpark

Located just outside San Diego in San Marcos, California, Swinerton Builders San Diego completed work on the Palomar College Baseball Field—a brand new state-of-the-art NCAA-level facility. The stadium itself has everything the Palomar Comets need to defend their 2015 title in the Pacific Coast Athletic Conference. The field is 400 feet to dead center, but has short 320-foot fences in left and right field. The ballpark holds 227 fans, with standard stadium seating atop four concrete tiers. Nearly everything is CMU, shaded light brown to blend into the natural landscape. To match the team’s colors, the stadium has a cohesive red and black color scheme.

The field is natural grass with a synthetic apron, which has a high-tech drainage system underneath. The infield and pitching mound are professional grade, while the dugouts are recessed two steps below the field. Each team has a bullpen on their side, while five batting cages line each side of the field. The field has 30-foot-high pro-style metal yellow foul poles, which were installed with a giant reach forklift. High-end stadium lighting was installed on all sides of the field, which required extensive utility work leading up to it. There is a fully electronic scoreboard in the outfield, while the press box behind the plate has complete scoreboard and PA control.

The outgoing president had pushed for a new stadium for years, and was glad to see it finally come to fruition. The coaches and school staff were heavily involved in the project to ensure the team got exactly what they wanted. There were several design changes after the project started, including the addition of a 3,000-square-foot restroom, press box, and snack shack. The client paid attention to detail in every aspect of the park, and the team delivered everything the school wanted—and then some. Truly a fantastic field, it is earning rave reviews from all who visit.

- By Mark Rafferty & Jenna Begley