Taking Shelter at Lawndale High School

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   January 28, 2015
Taking Shelter at Lawndale High School

Swinerton Builders Orange County and Los Angeles recently completed construction on the Lawndale High School Student Services Building, which consisted of the new construction of a three-story building for both students and faculty.

Nestled in the heart of campus, the Student Services Building is a three-story, 115,000-square-foot Type IIA structure. It includes administration space, a media center, a campus security room, and 42 teaching stations. The teaching stations are comprised of 15 standard and eight SDC classrooms, 12 science labs, two art labs, two computer application labs, one yearbook journalism classroom, one open computer lab, and one AVID classroom.

During construction of the Student Services Building, Swinerton was awarded an additional project the Lunch Shelter project—which provides the school with much needed shade in their quad area.  Swinerton broke ground at the project site in fall, completing the project within a few months.  

Our local concrete team self-performed a good portion of work on both projects, including all the structural concrete for the Student Services Building and the concrete slab for the Lunch Shelter.

The new Lunch Shelter stands in the courtyard between the new Student Services Building and the main campus area. It is composed of structural steel and metal panels —with lighting at the top—and includes 12 25-foot-tall caissons, each drilled into place.

Many thanks to everyone involved in these two projects: Project Executive Bonnie Martin, Senior Project Manager Shehzad Khan, Project Manager Bill Gray, Assistant Superintendent John Dang, Senior Project Engineer Andrew MacVey, Project Assistant Rebecca Weaver, and Accountant Dansen Lee.