Trinity Place Welcomes Venus!

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   August 08, 2016
Trinity Place Welcomes Venus!

After the concrete topped-out at Trinity Place in February, Swinerton’s project team shifted focus to the interior build-out of Phase III—a high-end apartment complex consisting of 540-rental units. Interior framing, drywall, painting, casework, doors and door frame installation, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection activities are all ongoing, as well as site utilities and exterior skin work (windows and precast panels installation).

Spring 2016 kicked off the build-out of the impressive, stainless-steel polished, 92-foot tall Venus Sculpture at the Main Plaza. This sculpture is the centerpiece of the project and part of the vision of owner Angelo Sangiacomo (who sadly, passed away in recent months). Dubbed “Venus,” once complete the piece of art will be one of the main attractions in the city. To add to the uniqueness of this project, the installation is being done by a group of 10 skilled craftsmen from China—who only speak Mandarin. All the material was prefabricated in sections and shipped from China. The assembly of the 11 section blocks is made at ground level and then hoisted into position. The team is assisting with scaffolding, rigging, hoisting of skin materials, and erection of the main structure.

The team is looking forward to delivering this highly anticipated project on schedule.

Special thanks to the team: James Mannix, Ryan Campbell, Jared Propst, Kent Trimble, Wei Zhao, Alejandro De Los Santos, Jason Silva, Mike Nebozuk, Marlene Moncada, Sarah Leads, Yolanda Orellana, River Blough, Tony Williamson, and Leonard Hayden.