Vacaville's Newest Addition Taking Shape

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   December 08, 2015   |   Image Gallery »
Vacaville's Newest Addition Taking Shape

The NexCore VacaValley Cancer and Wellness Center is taking shape and finally beginning to resemble an actual building as it recently reached the tilt-up phase! After several months of preparation work, August 31 was the first day of erecting the concrete tilt-up panels; stirring a wave of eagerness from more than just the team.

The VacaValley Cancer and Wellness Center is positioned on the existing Northbay campus just southeast of the VacaValley Hospital in Vacaville, California. Comprised of 57 individual concrete tilt panels that make up the shell of the structure, the 109,180-square-foot medical office building will feature three floors, with the western half of the building housing the wellness portion and the eastern side serving cancer treatment. The western half will feature a spa, three pools (therapy, multipurpose, and lap), an indoor running track overlooking the pools, exercise rooms, lockers, and a gym. The eastern side is where exam and medical offices will be located, along with PET/CT, X-ray, and mammography rooms. A Linear Accelerator is also part of the project scope and will be housed in a four-inch thick concrete vault just east of the main building footprint. Employees and patients will use one of the three elevators or four stairways to move about the building or outdoor child playground.

This project has been a long-time dream for Northbay Hospital Administration staff—some of which came out to watch the first
panels be set along with a photographer and local newspaper reporter. Viewers were abuzz with excitement as they watched the crane lift the first panel.

Each of the concrete panels measures 12-inches thick with a height of 46 feet and weight between 64,000 to 229,000 pounds. The crane used to lift the panels is a German made, 170-foot-tall, 100,000-pound crawler with 342,000 pounds of counterweight on the back. The crane was delivered via 15 separate semi-truck loads and assembled on site. The project is slated to complete in May 2016. Stay tuned for additional updates!