Accessibility Changes to the 2016 California Building Code

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   December 13, 2016
Accessibility Changes to the 2016 California Building Code

There is always a level of uncertainty whenever there is a new code change for our projects and our clients. The upcoming switch over from the 2013 California Building Code (CBC) to the new 2016 CBC is no different, especially the accessibility code which affects the lives of the disabled and all of our lives as building professionals, as well as our clients.

After reviewing Chapter 11B, there is one significant addition to the 2016 accessibility code. The code addresses, for the first time, Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC) Stations (CBC 11B-812). This new section for EVC’s requires the same elements of the accessible parking requirements. The EVC parking must be located along the accessible path of travel to the building just like the standard accessible parking stalls. Similar to the standard and van accessible stalls, the EVC stalls shall be designed so that persons using them are not required to travel behind vehicle space when their vehicle is being charged. The dimensions of the accessible EVC parking stalls is in line with the typical standard and van accessible stalls with the required markings of the “No Parking” in the access aisle.

Finally, the code states that four or less EVC parking stalls does not require any of the stalls to provide the International Symbol of Accessibility symbol (ISA). Anything greater than five EVC stalls, requires one van accessible and be identified by the ISA symbol. The standard accessible stall would not require the ISA symbol; 26 and greater all standard and van accessible EVC stalls should be identified by an ISA.

Refer to California Building Code Section 11B-812 of the 2016 California Building Code for additional information on this topic.