CCCTA Inductive Charging Installation

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   March 07, 2017
CCCTA Inductive Charging Installation

Swinerton Management & Consulting, as a sub-consultant to Diablo Engineering, performed construction management on this project, part of the Central Contra Costa Transit Authority’s (CCCTA) initial use of electric buses. The Electric Trolley Wave Charge Station is new technology that allows wireless charging. This is a great new innovation as new federal regulations will require non-polluting, all electric buses in the future.

This project installed an inductive charging system at the BART Walnut Creek station, which consists of a charging pad embedded in the concrete bus pad at the bus stop, and the associated electric panels, chillers and control unit. The project also included 2 plug-in quick charging stations at County Connection’s bus maintenance facility in Concord.     

Click here for more info on the electric buses. 

1. Installing the charging unit in the bus pad; electrical connections are made via flexible conduit as the charging unit is lowered into position in the formwork. The flexible conduit runs inside semi rigid plastic conduit already in place.

2. Bus lines up over the charging pad (using alignment stripes); diver also has on board monitors which indicate correct positioning. Wave charging equipment is visible on the right, behind the chain link fencing.

3. Charging pad in finished concrete at bus stop


Contractor:  Reflex Engineering

Electrical subcontractor: Five-O Electric

Inductive Charging system by WAVE

Substantial completion:  December 2016