Continuing Education in Construction Management

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   February 28, 2017
Continuing Education in Construction Management

Who needs an education? We all do, and what’s more, we need it continuously. Continuing education is an investment not only in yourself, but also for your employers.  In today’s fast-paced Construction Industry, demand is high for well-trained individuals who can tackle complex projects and track all the moving parts. With online and classroom programs available, they are not only designed for the working professional – but also taught by the working professional. 

There are multiple Construction Management Certificate Programs offered throughout the Bay Area, (UC Berkeley Extension and City College of San Francisco, to name a couple) all of which, when completed successfully, will give you the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to apply in a variety of real-world settings. Some of the highlighted skills and techniques that you will advance in are:

- Principles and practices for planning, scheduling, and managing construction projects

- Techniques for commercial cost estimating

- Understanding of different forms of formal dispute resolution including litigation, arbitration and mediation

- Understanding of contract documents and construction law as it pertains to both residential and commercial construction

- Methods of accident prevention through construction safety techniques

- Acquiring up-to-date knowledge of construction methods, materials, and technology

Professionals who pursue continuing education on a regular basis are more informed and up to date with what is happening within their industries and are more aware of current practices, providing an advantage that cannot be understated. The bottom line – continuing education matters.