#TipTime: Safety During Occupied Campus Renovations

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   September 02, 2016   |   Image Gallery »
#TipTime: Safety During Occupied Campus Renovations

Performing renovations on school campuses while they are occupied with students and staff can present challenges for both the school population and construction employees. Due to the lack of space, almost all construction takes place while school is in session.

To mitigate possible safety concerns, a full time construction manager remains onsite, acting as a liaison between the general contractor performing the work and the school. To ensure the utmost safety of all students, staff, and construction employees, Swinerton Management & Consulting has put together three simple tips intended to educate and safeguard all stakeholders:

1. Stay safe. Be aware of the things and people around you.

2. Stay away from construction fences. These fences are intended to keep passerby away from the jobsite and allow construction
     employees to perform work safely.  

3. Ask questions. Construction typically occurs by individuals who are not employees of the school. Construction on school campuses
    often means curiosity from children and adults—all questions should be directed to teachers or school staff.  

These three tips are especially critical during the first week of school. Generally, the first school-wide assembly is the perfect forum for students and teachers to learn about construction occurring on campus, along with PTA meetings and other school events. If construction is scheduled for a longer period of time, regular reminders throughout the school year are important to keep everyone safe and aware of the project schedule.