Work Continues at the University of the West Indies

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   March 22, 2016
Work Continues at the University of the West Indies

Swinerton Management and Consulting (SMC) is working in Kingston, Jamaica to develop a new water supply for the University of the West Indies (UWI). SMC is under contract with a private equity firm who is in an agreement to supply 500,000-gallons of potable water per day to UWI for the next 20 years under a Build, Own, Operate, and Transfer (BOOT) Agreement. After 20 years, ownership of the system transfers to UWI.

This new water supply will provide UWI with a stable and reliable water system, such that the campus will be able to undertake a major expansion program; a reliable, potable water supply is a valuable commodity in Kingston. The work includes: installing groundwater production wells; hydraulic and water quality testing; permitting; and installation of permanent pumps, meters, a disinfection tank, emergency generator, and a half-mile transmission main to connect to UWI's distribution system; above-ground tanks with a three-day storage capacity of 1,250,000-gallons will also be installed.

Well drilling started in December 2015 and the well is anticipated to complete in May 2016. Pipeline installation started in January 2016 and will also complete in May. 

Renowned for its excellent coffee, UWI is a 653-acre campus sited in a scenic valley beneath the Blue Mountain Range. The school was established in 1948 and serves 15,000 students drawn from all over the West Indies, and a staff of 5,000. It provides graduate and undergraduate programs in law, medicine, business, engineering, science and technology, and humanities. UWI’s plan is to expand the campus to accommodate more students, add a 100-room hotel/visitor’s center, and sports arena, as well as renovate the university hospital to double its capacity to a 1,000-bed facility.