California Forges Ahead at Breakneck Speed

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   August 14, 2015
California Forges Ahead at Breakneck Speed

Did you blink? If you blinked at all in the past 18 months, you missed another California solar record. According to a recent report by
The Desert Sun a newspaper based in Palm Springs, California, the state broke 14 simultaneous solar generation records through May 31.

The lead to the story summed it up perfectly:

California generated a record amount of solar power—the last week of May—but don't expect the high mark to
last long.

The June numbers aren’t out yet, but we fully expect to break even more records—and as summer continues—we should shatter
those records.

Swinerton Renewable Energy is California’s leading solar installer. We’ve installed so many megawatts of utility-scale solar this year alone, even we have a hard time keeping up with current numbers. We’re very excited to contribute to the state’s unassailable solar lead nationwide. Since the Solar Energies Industries Association (SEIA) started tracking the numbers annually—with the help of Greentech Media—California has always been number one in terms of solar energy installed; and it’s never remotely close.

Gaze in wonder at how many solar-energy-production records California has broken since 2012:

We love this little fun-fact: California installed more solar in 2014 than the entire country did from 1970–2011 (according to SEIA). And that’s before Governor Jerry Brown (long live him!) convinced the California legislature to increase—by law—the renewable portfolio standard (RPS) to 50% by 2030. Truth be told, it successfully passed the state Senate and is now waiting on Assembly approval. But who really thinks the Assembly will stand in our way? Certainly not us!

While California is the undisputed leader in solar installations, there are a host of other states rushing to try and overtake us. Hey there, North Carolina. We’re looking at you, Nevada. And let’s not forget our friends in the Beehive State (Utah, for you outsiders), where the state’s largest solar plant will go online in December (full disclosure: We’re the EPC on the project). The solar revolution is sweeping the nation, and it’s forcing California to keep innovating and expanding just to stay ahead. Well done, everyone.

Swinerton Renewable Energy is proud of the solar industry in California, especially our contributions to its rapid expansion. We look forward to seeing our great state continue to set an example for rest of the country of how it’s done.