Meet Reegan Moen: “It’s All About Relationships.”

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   February 26, 2015
Meet Reegan Moen: “It’s All About Relationships.”

Hard work. Dedication. A strong belief in the power of community. 

These are the values that Reegan Moen, Swinerton Renewable Energy’s new Business Development Manager of Technical Services, learned on his family’s farm in Minnesota. 

Moen says that being involved in managing 200 head of black angus cattle and different crops taught him the importance of having a good work ethic, a willingness to learn all aspects of a business, and how to think outside the box.

“My father taught me how to build relationships with everyone—from our close neighbors to the complete strangers he’d strike up conversations with at a diner,” Moen says with a laugh. “Within 30 minutes, my father always discovered connections with a person he’d only known since the chat began. He passed those skills on to me, that’s why I’m so excited to be part of the Swinerton team—they share that commitment to serving their customers and building long-term relationships. I can’t wait to get started.”

In his position with Swinerton, he targets long-term owners of solar power plants and helps them maximize their return-on-investment (ROI) for the entire 20-to-25-year lifespan of a power purchase agreement (PPA).

“Right now, PPAs usually exist for far longer than most warranties, which typically run for about five years,” Moen says. “Through the use of Swinerton’s proprietary software, including our SOLV™ 2.0 solution, we can ensure the plant continues to perform in those post-warranty years and continue the ROI the owners are expecting.”

Moen and his team of technicians will monitor the plants closely and watch for any red flags that indicate a plant is not producing at its best. Swinerton will then dispatch its service teams to fix the small problem before it becomes a far larger one.

After proving his relationship-building prowess at several retail companies, Moen joined the solar revolution through a Colorado-based installer, where he installed or oversaw more than 50 MW of installations. Wanting to do something more, he began searching for a best-in-class solar company to join—and he found Swinerton.

“The solar industry is where my passion is,” Moen says. “There are so many things that come together in the solar business. It’s in line with my personal beliefs, and when I’m building projects in Wisconsin and Minnesota, you know there’s a need for solar solutions across the country.”

“I’m so thrilled to be part of the Swinerton team and its culture,” Moen continues. “It’s been incredible. It’s so exciting to talk to people who are as passionate about it as I am.”

Moen will be based out of San Diego, which is a far cry from the cold Minnesota winters on the farm where he and his family would go into the den and play music next to the fireplace when the power went out.

“Honestly, I never thought I’d leave Western Minnesota,” Moen says. “But when I ride my motorcycle up Pacific Coast Highway, I realize I certainly don’t miss the weather—especially this time of year.”