Swinerton and Locus Energy Collaborate in Producing SOLV 2.0

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   November 11, 2014
Swinerton and Locus Energy Collaborate in Producing SOLV 2.0

When Swinerton Renewable Energy (SRE) sought a partner to develop the next generation of our industry-leading SOLV monitoring system, we wanted to work with the finest, which is why we partnered with New Jersey based Locus Energy. Their innovative web design for their graphical user interface (GUI) looks great on the front of our solid SOLV SCADA backbone, creating an excellent solution.

Meet SOLV 2.0
SOLV 2.0 is an adaptable, powerful platform that allows end-users to integrate it more easily into new plants. It is the most flexible, robust monitoring system in the industry offering a host of new features, like data support, used for alerting plant owners of any plant issues before they occur.

Networking and SCADA infrastructures combined make SOLV 2.0 a very powerful tool. Customers experience faster integration times, better controls, and more data visibility. Our system is the perfect solution whether it be distributed grid (DG) or utility projects requiring a control and/or monitoring system. Thanks to Locus Energy’s elegant GUI and prodigious scalability, SOLV 2.0 easily configures to fit any plant, anywhere, anytime.

Another one of SOLV 2.0’s exciting new features is a new work-order management and parts-tracking system. This allows Operations and Maintenance (O&M) managers to see all reports, spare-parts inventory, and task-tracking all in one place. O&M is becoming increasingly important as solar continues to be installed worldwide. 

SRE is confident the SOLV system will improve ease-of-use across broad portfolios and SOLV’s control systems will help solar’s integration into the grid.  We are proud to partner with Locus Energy, and look forward to making SOLV 2.0 the complete solar management solution.