Team Member Profile: Donny Gallagher, Engineer

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   August 21, 2014
Team Member Profile: Donny Gallagher, Engineer

Serving as the division’s Engineering Manager, Donny Gallagher joined Swinerton Renewable Energy in early 2013. A graduate of UC Davis, he later earned his license in Civil Engineering. He is one of the lead engineers for SRE, and is responsible for managing the design and permitting of their utility-scale renewable energy projects. He currently oversees many projects, including: Red Horse Solar & Wind and Avalon Solar in Arizona, Utah Red Hill, Kettleman Solar in Kings County, California, and dozens of other small projects in Hawaii and California’s Central Valley, Antelope Valley, and Mojave area.

“The nice thing about my particular position is that I get to work on so many different projects in so many different areas of the country. Every project’s different and you get to work with a lot of great people all across the country.”

Donny thrives off the excitement offered by the job’s fast-paced, ever-changing regimen. With no two days alike—and no two projects the same—he is constantly motivated by his team’s high standards. He works with a variety of jurisdictions, building departments, and planning departments in myriad cities, counties, and states around the country, developing solutions and effectively communicating with all those involved. He especially looks forward to jobsite visits, where he can go into the field and talk to people working on the ground.

“I always enjoy the Swinerton onsite barbeques—those are great. Not only is it good to go visit the sites that I’ve been working on, but it’s also great to see all the men and women who actually make the projects come alive. I’m always impressed by the large work force we get out there.”