IA honors Swinerton Superintendent for partnership

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   June 06, 2017   |   Image Gallery »
IA honors Swinerton Superintendent for partnership

Swinerton Builders Austin would like to congratulate superintendent Jose Rodriguez for receiving the 2017 Industry Partner Awards from Interior Architects in April.

Jose has established a winning relationship with Swinerton’s clients and this award is given to formally acknowledge the individuals who contribute to the success of IA through their commitment to excellence and for their support and contribution to IA Interior Architects.

Jose excelled with his work on the Terminus Two First Generation Buildout in Atlanta; DFW11 Renovations in Dallas; and the AUS Domain 8 First Generation Buildout in Austin.

Jose has worked with Swinerton for nine years, working his way from a foreman through the superintendent ranks.

Congrats to Jose on this recognition!