Cambridge Builders is now Swinerton!

Founded in 1997, Cambridge Builders established itself in the southeast as a multifamily residential builder. Now, as part of Swinerton’s commitment to serve our clients, our employees, and the southeast, the companies are excited to fully consolidate under the Swinerton brand.

Swinerton and Cambridge Builders first joined forces as joint venture partners in 2010, then expanded their relationship by merging into Cambridge Swinerton Builders in 2013.

“I’m excited about our future in the southeast because it’s a huge win for our clients,” said Scott Conrad, Swinerton Senior Vice President and Regional Manager. “Swinerton is committed to serving our clients throughout the US, so we’re excited about expanding into a broader geographic area.”

As part of the brand transition, all Cambridge Swinerton employees will officially become Swinerton employees, and all jobsites will bear Swinerton logos and signage. Our team of over 2400 construction experts all across the country will also support the southeast, from marketing and human resources to operations and management.

The southeast division of Swinerton - with jobs in Atlanta, Nashville, and Charlotte - will continue to serve our current clients in the multifamily residential market, but also support a variety of other market sectors, including hospitality, senior housing, corporate services, offices and interiors, parking structures, and ground-up office buildings.

Meet the Team