DEN Mod 4: Providing Parking Access and Reliability through Design-Build

Mod 4 East is an 1,821-space parking structure built by Swinerton Builders, designed by Walker Parking, and funded by the airport’s Capital Improvement Project fund. This project was completed in October 2016, just in time for the busy holiday travel season.

Located on the southeast corner of the Jeppesen Terminal, Mod 4 East adds to DEN’s existing structured parking options exceeding 16,600 spaces in eight garages.

In addition to building the 1,800 space parking structure, Swinerton-Walker also provided off-site improvements which included the Hotel Transit Center exit road and a mechanically stabilized earth wall to support the adjacent raised roadways. The project required the relocation of utilities which tied into the most vital FAA communications infrastructure that linked DEN’s south campus to the control tower. All work was accomplished without impacting airport operations and the passenger experience.

Although the intent was for Mod 4 East to match the existing parking structures, being the first cast-in-place structure, there were no examples to offer a comparison. Amassing experience and lessons learned from previous cast-in-place parking structures, the design-build team of Swinerton Builders and Walker delivered the four-story cast-in-place Mod 4 East in roughly 22 months.



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