Jordan High School Redevelopment Project

Los Angeles Unified School District's David Star Jordan Senior High School in Los Angeles had not seen any major facility and infrastructure upgrades since the 1950’s and recently faced some long-term challenges that included low graduation rates and even lower standardized test scores. As a result, the District felt that targeted modernizations to the school's facilites would help improve academic performance.

From the moment our team came together, we listened and collaborated with the District stakeholders, community members, students, and staff.  We heard their voices, concerns, and strove to understand and bring their vision to reality by approaching the redevelopment project with them in mind. Over the course of four years, we didn't just deliver a project, we delivered a promise by becoming an integral partner with the District and local community.

Immediately upon award, we made a commitment to the community of Watts to exceed LAUSD's goals by hiring over half of the project’s workers from the surrounding communities. We held several outreach events to recruit local workers, which also strengthened our relationship with the District and Jordan staff. We also implemented the Adopt A School program - the Bulldogs in Action Construction Club (BDIAC). Throughout the duration of the club, members focused on math, English and reading, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills as it related to construction. The purpose of the program was to work with students and parents to expose them to the construction industry.They learned about the professional and skilled craft workforce process, providing students with numerous career opportunities. These efforts, coupled with our proposed approach and design solution to the District's challenges, resulted in our development of a long-range master plan that supported their instructional reform efforts.

Upon completion of the project, Students and faculty told us that they finally have a sense of pride and ownership in their school like never before. Students mentioned they now feel that they have a vested interest in working with their teachers and administrators to ensure they succeed. Students and teachers are now proud of their school and see it as a positive change for the community and its students.


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