The Swinerton Foundation Annual Report - page 3

L O R I D U N N , C H A I R
Swinerton has always believed that, as a company and as a
corporate family, it has a duty to participate in the betterment
of the communities in which it builds. In 2002, The Swinerton
Foundation was formed to act as the charitable arm of the
company for which all charitable giving would be centralized
or guided through. The hope was that this would allow for
better utilization and allocation of Swinerton’s company
resources. In its first full year of operations, The Swinerton
Foundation was able to distribute $160,700 in grants to
various non-profits across the country.
Since then, The Swinerton Foundation has consistently
increased its capacity to give year after year.
In 2016, the Foundation generated $499,538 in revenue
from various fundraising activities and donations, and
$875,098 in revenue from Swinerton Incorporated and its
affiliates. While our fundraising activities have expanded to
new geographical locations, we have been able to keep our
operating costs low, allowing us to distribute over $535,000
to more than 120 non-profit organizations.
In the last year, The Swinerton Foundation has made the
decision to reclassify as a public charity to give it more
flexibility in its grant making and extend its reach from
the Swinerton walls to deepen its community connections.
The process to reclassify has also provided the Board an
opportunity to reassess the mission and purpose of the
Foundation and develop policies for better management of
the Foundation’s activities. We are excited to announce that
in 2017, we will be launching our Swinerton Cares program,
which will include employee gift matching and Dollars for
Doers. By matching employee contributions and rewarding
them for their volunteer work, we are able to support
employees’ personal passions and encourage them to be
active community members.
The Board would like to thank all of our donors and
volunteers for a successful and impactful year. We are
looking forward to this next chapter and the opportunities
that lie ahead.
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