Renewable Energy

Swinerton Renewable Energy offers turnkey utility-scale solar power solutions. With a photovoltaic project portfolio totaling over 3 GW, we proudly partner with major utilities across North America to generate reliable, clean power for many years to come. Our distinct cradle-to-cradle perspective helps eliminate waste, drives down costs, and enhances power production. 

In addition to our engineering, procuring, and construction capabilities, Swinerton provides full-service operations and maintenance for any North American solar facility, as well as real-time performance monitoring through SOLV®, our proprietary SCADA platform. Armed with key insights into total system performance over time, we fine-tune each new design with pinpoint accuracy. 

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Our dedication to innovation has helped take on the toughest tasks, building plants that have produced over 3 GW of power. And we’re just getting started.