Eclipse Sends Swinerton Scrambling for Cameras

On August 21, the biggest and best solar eclipse in American history caught the attention of 215 million Americans—including all of Swinerton’s workplaces—for a few minutes.

The best view of the eclipse was from Swinerton’s office in Bend, Oregon, which sat almost directly under the crossing path of the sun and moon. Swinerton staffers in Seattle used a homemade eclipse viewer made from a cardboard box to catch a glimpse, while the Atlanta and Texas teams brought out special eclipse glasses for a closer look. In San Diego, Assistant Project Manager Ryan Feinberg snapped an incredible picture of the eclipse with a tower crane and American flag in the background.

In the Bay Area, some fog obscured the view of the eclipse a little bit, but the Concord team celebrated with Moonpies—a sweet treat to commemorate a unique day!