Something’s Cooking on Treasure Island

After last year’s white-knuckle go-karting Grand Prix event, Swinerton’s San Francisco Preconstruction team settled in for a more leisurely, and tasty, annual team event this summer. Swinerton members of the extended Preconstruction team including Estimating, VD&C, MEP, Scheduling, and Drywall gathered at the Bay Area BBQ and Grilling School on Treasure Island in the middle of the San Francisco Bay.

After dividing into teams, the crew prepared from scratch “beer-can” chicken, pork spareribs, cedar-plank salmon, pork tenderloin, and beautiful beef loin steaks. The team learned to season, brine, inject, steam, and trim each piece to perfection, then finished it all off in the array of smokers at the BBQ School. Under the expert guidance of hosts Stu and Mike, the team all went home with some new expert barbeque skills and very full bellies!