Containment Cube Invention Boosts Safety

In response to potential safety issues regarding cutting inside a building on the recent Kaiser Union City job, Sacramento Labor Foreman Jose Martinez found a way to mitigate spark hazards by making a mobile containment cube to house the chop saw. This allowed the project team to cut metals inside the building safely, as opposed to using portable smoke eaters, which have limited use. Placed at a designated location, this setup eliminated spark hazards, helped reduce noise (which the client appreciated), and dissipated smoke and fumes through carbon filters placed below due to its downward draft suction.

Here’s how it works: A negative air machine placed next to the cube picks up the fumes from below. The cube is made out of Masonite, sealed with fire caulking on all inside corners and joints, and has a layer of grout placed at the bottom of the cube for spark arrest. The cube is narrow enough to fit through a three-foot-wide door but deep enough to allow air flow to help cool things. The framing subcontractor found this very helpful and user friendly.

Way to go Jose! This crafty solution exemplifies the Swinerton spirit of innovation, while improving safety and client satisfaction.