San Diego Builds Amazing Playhouse for Charity

Swinerton’s Drywall group in San Diego volunteered their time to design and build a unique playhouse, which will be auctioned off to support local charities. Dubbed the “inBloom Playhouse Palooza,” their creation will be showcased along with four other imaginative playhouses at the Flower Hill Mall in Del Mar.

If you’d like to see it up close and personal, the last day to check it out is July 2. The event is entirely free—and so is parking. So take your family and friends to see Swinerton’s one-of-a-kind playhouse— bid on it yourself and take
it home!

For tickets and information, visit:

Thank you to all those who volunteered their time to build an amazing playhouse: Bill Skelton, Sean Foley, Peter Jimenez, and Daniel Delgado. Special thanks to Julio Valadez and Victor Diaz who loaded, delivered, and unloaded the playhouse in the wee hours of the morning.