Swinerton and Tiffany partner up in Hawaii

As one of the busiest and prime shopping locations in Hawaii, the Royal Hawaiian Center is the center of Waikiki’s thriving retail market. Taking center stage along Waikiki’s main corridor on Kalakaua Avenue, the Royal Hawaiian Center is home to an exceptional collection of luxury brands and retailers. To add to their extensive lineup of luxury retailers, the Royal Hawaiian Center will open the new flagship store for Tiffany & Co. in 2018.

The Tiffany & Co. store is currently at the front end of Waikiki strip, which greets visitors as they enter Kalakaua Avenue. By relocating to its new location at the Royal Hawaiian Center, the new Tiffany & Co. store will sit adjacent to major hotels and retailers in the busiest area of Waikiki.

Swinerton first broke ground on the new flagship store in early fall and demolished the 11,000-square-foot interior space of the three-level building, which served as a restaurant and boutique store. With a completion date set for April 2018, the team has finished a layout review and initiated framing and rough-ins. 3D Laser scanning was implemented to help expedite the process and proved to be instrumental in the design process. With the store’s high-end finishes and custom marble exterior façade, precision and exceptional quality is a high priority for this high-end client. With the implementation of 3D laser scanning and BIM modeling tools, along with an exceptional workforce and subcontractor team, Swinerton is geared and ready to take on this challenging project.

Since 2015, Swinerton has successfully maintained its presence at the Royal Hawaiian Center by completing several multi-phased renovations.This project marks the first Swinerton project with London-based MACE Group who has provided Construction Management services to Tiffany & Co. on several stores.