One of our most important goals at Swinerton is to complete our clients’ projects on time and on budget, and our ability to self-perform work is instrumental in achieving that goal.

Swinerton boasts over 1,000 craft employees, comprised of carpenters and laborers, both union and non-union, serving our clients in the many locations we operate. Our self-perform groups have leadership teams with over two decades of experience in these essential trades, equipped with the knowledge and expertise to handle concrete, drywall, millwork, and more.

Our self-perform groups ensure a fair and honest bid strategy, and directly pass along cost and efficiency benefits to owners whenever possible. Swinerton performs this construction to give our project teams the chance to work hand in hand with design teams and assure our clients a higher level of flexibility in scheduling and project delivery. We apply the company’s exacting, high safety standards to each of our projects, and Swinerton’s experienced crews coordinating and collaborating together helps our clients achieve their goals, while providing them peace of mind.